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Google Ads Management

94% of Australian web searches are performed in Google. This makes Google the primary source of online traffic.

There’s a number of available mediums within Google to source traffic. The most common is through paid ads. This is called Google Ads.

Ads is essentially a silent auction which allows business owners and marketers to bid on a selection of chosen keywords that are relative to their products and services, thus resulting in users clicking on the ad and visiting your website. This can also be known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), as the advertiser pays for each individual click that occurs.

The strategy of your Ads account is crucial to it’s performance. You can basically buy any keyword you want, however you need to know what the intent is behind the user search, as well as know what you’re objectives are in order to effectively monitor outcomes.

google ads

Ads Questions

What type of visitors do you need?
What are you most profitable products or services?
What would your target market be searching in order to find you?
Where is your target market located?
What action do you want them to take when they do visit your site?
Is all the information they seek readily available?
How much are you willing to spend to achieve a sale or enquiry?

Google Remarketing

  • Prospect visits your site
  • Prospect is tagged with a cookie
  • Prospect doesn’t convert, exits your site
  • Prospect is on other websites
  • Prospect starts seeing your ad
  • Prospect comes back to your website and converts
Google remarketing
AdWords Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals

  • Relevant keywords that match your products and services
  • Enticing and unique ad copy to encourage clicks
  • Clear journey and relevance between keywords and landing pages
  • Clear CTAs to allow your customers to convert easily
  • Clear goals and objectives to effectively measure performance

Media Mc. Service Outline

  • Initial consultation and business discussion.
  • Market research – Competitors and keyword analysis.
  • Review of current Ads or construction of new account
  • Goal tracking and performance goals setup
  • Deploy custom strategy and Ads tactics
  • Continued management and campaign optimisation
  • Monthly insights and reporting
google ads

of Australians are still using desktop first


of Australians are now using mobile first


of Australians are using tablets for search

Google Ads jargon and acronyms snapshot



A keyword is a search term that people type into Google in order to find the information, service or product that they are looking for. This results in ads being displayed.

keyword cpc


CPC stand for cost-per-click. Google charges you for every keyword that results in ad and showing and a user clicking through to visit your site.



Click-through-rate (CTR) is the measure of how many ads have been displayed in Google, divided by how many people have clicked through to the website.



A conversion can be a number of things. However generally considered to be a user taking a desired action on your website; a sale, enquiry, download or email sign-up.