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Social Media Marketing

79% of Australians are now active on social media. What does this mean for your business? It’s simple, it’s another medium to target your potential customers.

Whether or not your customers know you exist, social media can be a primary source of communication to get your message across the line, on any device, at any time, anywhere.

social media strategy

Where are your customers?

The most common social platform in Australia is certainly Facebook. This has proven to be a great lead generation and traffic source for professional services, local trade, finance and eCommerce.


Other social platforms that may be beneficial to your business include Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube and Twitter.

Facebook Retargeting

  • Prospect visits your site
  • Prospect is tagged with a cookie
  • Prospect doesn’t convert, exits your site
  • Prospect is on on their Facebook page
  • Prospect starts seeing your ad
  • Prospect comes back to your website and converts
facebook retargeting

To increase highly targeted traffic to your website or landing page, Facebook Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy where we target your unique target market demographic.


  • Brand Awareness – Increase awareness by targeting people who are likely to be interested in in your business
  • Reach – Display ads to a maximum number of people, dependent on budget


  • Traffic – Drive targeted traffic to your Facebook page, website or landing page
  • Engagement – Generate more page likes, event responses or offer claims
  • App Installs – Encourage people to download your app
  • Video Views – Entice people to watch your videos
  • Lead Generation – Generate sales, emails addresses, phone numbers; from people interested in your product or service


  • Enquiries – Generate new business leads
  • Product Sales – Display product specific ads that will attract your target market based on relevance and audience targeting
  • In-store Visits – More store visits to your brick-and-mortar locations

of Australians are now active on Social Media


of Australians access their Social Media in the evening


of Australians access Social Media +5 times per day