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Digital Marketing Strategy

We know that online is now where the majority of our target market and customers exist. This (in most cases) is generally the best place to reach our audience for the first touch-point, the first opportunity to tell them that your brand exists. And first impressions count!

Although we now know most people are online, we may not necessarily know ‘where’ they are online. Depending on your product or service, they could be best reached in Google search, or they could be visibly active on social media. We know everyone is online, but where are they best exposed to our messaging?

Media MC. can help you find your target market online (and offline), and create a tailored marketing strategy to best suit your business. Dependent on on your business goals and objectives, we will analyse the market place and determine where you marketing dollars are best spent, in order to reach your target market and goals effectively.

Web Traffic

The success of your business and website is largely a result of how much web traffic you generate, and from what sources. A lot of businesses rely on one source of traffic, but what happens when that source changes or disolves? You should never put all your marketing resources and rely on one channel. Common successful digital marketing mediums are SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media, Email and other pay-per-click (PPC) channels. Don’t forget about local advertising, where local customers can still be reached.

Market Research

Knowing your product is one thing. No your target market is another. Media MC. will conduct market research to determine where your customers currently exist. Understanding your industry is crucial, as well as knowing who your competitors are and what they’re doing.

Market research should contain an industry and/or digital landscape review, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, customer reviews and feedback and customer profiling.

market research
marketing planning

Marketing Planning

Working out what channels or mediums will partially be conducted in market research, however this is where some of the budgeting will occur. Not all channels may be cost-effective for your particular product or industry. We need to have an understanding of where we’re going to invest, on what platform or medium, and at what time. Creating an advertising schedule will help budget costs and allow forward planning of upcoming opportunities, as well as allow easier implementation with clear vision.

Marketing Implementation

  • Develop a budget for a specific time-frame (month / year)
  • Understand where the best opportunities exist
  • Create the marketing schedule and timelines
  • Creation and ideation of promotions and messaging
  • Development and design of marketing materials and assets
  • Plan and schedule the roll-out of activities
  • Measure and analyse results

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