SEO Brendale - [5⭐️Rated] Brendale SEO Consultant | Media MC.
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Brendale SEO Consultant

I’m a Brendale SEO consultant that provides affordable SEO services for small to medium businesses, local businesses and eCommerce stores.

SEO can be quite daunting for Brendale businesses. Google is still a HUGE traffic driver to most websites and businesses rely heavily on this as a focus to generate leads/sales.

With affordable rates and consulting Brendale based SEO services, Media MC. will work alongside you, understand your business objectives, educate you along the way and most importantly – not rip you off! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars per month on SEO like you’ve inevitably been quoted from SEO agencies. Working with an experienced SEO consultant provides more cost-effective rates because we don’t have the overheads like they do.

What Our Clients Say


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    Brendale SEO Overview

    What SEO will include for your Brendale business:

    • Technical website audit
    • Technical SEO fixes and recommendations
    • Detailed keyword research
    • Recommendations on content expansion
    • New page builds
    • SEO management of your WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace website
    • Page speed analysis and technical improvements
    • Schema markup generation and implementation
    • Link audit + competitor link analysis
    • Structured link building
    • Google Analtyics and Google Search Console setup, review and reporting

    Local Brendale SEO

    Local SEO aka Google My Business (GMB), is the best way to be found by local customers. If you’re retail, office based, a clinic, practice, bricks and mortar, warehousing or just have a physical location where you can be contacted, GMB is a must. Brendale local search intent is now defining local business success, with constant mobile searches and keyword intent ‘near me’ or adding location or suburban modifiers, as customers want to find their nearest location. The Google local pack, gives your more local visibility, as well as more real estate if you have SEO or other local rankings below the pack. You need to be visible when customers are searching for you.

    SEO FAQs

    How do your offer SEO?

    We offer our SEO services in Brisbane, based out of our Brendale office. No contracts, no lock-ins ?, no B***S***. Let’s have a chat!

    Do you outsource your SEO?

    We don’t outsource any of our SEO. All our SEO if resourced, managed and implemented in our Brisbane office. Come visit us for a ☕ and we’ll prove it!

    How much does SEO cost?

    Prices of SEO depend on a number of factors; your competition, your industry, your expectations, your previous SEO (if any), competitiveness of keywords, and your website platform and limitations. Prices start at $500 per month ?. Contact us for a custom quote. We can assure you we’re more affordable and responsive than agencies.

    What can I expect from your SEO services?

    With our SEO services, you can expect constant communication, reporting, ideation and implementation of SEO activity. We’ll conduct a detailed audit, explain this to you, and create a strategy based on our audit findings – all in line with your key products or services and your objectives. And of course expect RESULTS! ???

    SEO For Brendale Businesses

    affordable seo brisbane

    Affordable Prices

    We don’t have the large overheads like agencies do. We provide affordable

    SEO Brendale

    services that won’t break the bank.

    seo brisbane relationships

    Local Consulting

    Locally based in Brendale on Leitchs Road. As your SEO consultant, I can meet up with you in person to build a real relationship.


    We don’t outsource, so we provide full transparency over all of the SEO work that we’re conducting for your website.

    seo handshake

    No Contracts

    We don’t believe in locking clients into contracts. Essentially we operate off a handshake for monthly SEO work.

    How’s Your Previous Experiences?

    SEO in Brendale is a very competitive market, as well as it is very tarnished. We’re sure you’ve had some experience at some point in running your business where you’ve spoken to an SEO agency and been quoted a ridiculous amount for their SEO services. A lot of smoke and mirrors, false promises and empty results. Keep in mind, larger scale agencies have huge overheads, different levels of staff and fancy offices to ‘wow’ you with, but is that really what you need? They’ll also be outsourcing the SEO work to foreign markets, a local Brendale based SEO consultant (like me) or have a junior intern implementing most of the work while you deal with a face-fronting account manager who doesn’t even know the basics of SEO.

    Our Preferred SEO Client

    Media MC. has 9 years of SEO experience. We’ve seen the transition in the
    SEO landscape from what it was in 2012, to what it is now. In 2012, SEO was different. In 2015, SEO was different. It constantly shifts and pivots. Now with Google being more sophisticated and more savvy, we’ve got to play by their rules. We’ve worked with start-ups, SMEs, locals, government and enterprise brands, but now we want to focus on the local businesses, as they have the most to benefit from SEO in Brendale. We want to help the small businesses grow, and that all starts with their SEO. It all starts with understanding your objectives and researching the industry and competitors, as well as the Brendale SEO landscape.

    What to look out for with SEO Consultants or Agencies

    Spammy Link Building

    Link building can do more harm than good. Make sure you know how your provider is building links, and ensure you get link reports.

    Outsourcing to Foreign Markets

    SEO is often outsourced to cheaper markets to maximise profit margins. Media MC. do ALL of their SEO work in-house.

    Lock-in Contracts

    SEO does take time to gain traction and generate good results, but don’t be suckered into long-term contracts.

    Guaranteed #1 Rankings

    As SEO’s we have no control over Google, all we can do is abide by their guidelines. Don’t be manipulated or misled with false promises.

    Account Manager Hierarchies

    Some agencies have account managers that aren’t actually doing the work themselves, a uni grad behind the scenes is.

    Fancy Proposals & Sales Meetings

    Fancy proposals, suits in sales meetings with glamorous presentations doesn’t quite explain what you actually need.

    Expensive Quotes

    Just because it’s a big quote, doesn’t mean you’ll get big results. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You won’t get the ROI.

    SEO Packages

    ‘Packages’ in SEO makes us cringe. Every business website is different. They require a unique approach, not a package.

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