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Email Marketing

As businesses, we need to stay connected with our customer base. We need to have the opportunity reach them in a a simple and seamless way.

When people visit your website, they’ve shown an interest in your products or services. However they don’t always convert the first time. There are other marketing efforts that can re-attract them to your website (like Google remarketing), however we always want site visitors to commit in one way or another. If they’re not ready to buy or make contact, perhaps they may be interested to hear more from you, without the verbal sales pitch. Give them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter, or incentivise them to subscribe via various promotional efforts.

email marketing

Why Email Marketing?

  • Build a large, long-term database of customers
  • Email marketing is cost-effective
  • Create personalised messages and build relationships
  • Keep in touch with people who have shown interest in your products
  • Engage past visitors with promotions and incentives
  • Create a loyalty system for repeat customers
  • Take advantage off lost visitor traffic
  • Educate your customer base on new products and services
  • Improve customer retention and extension
  • Reach your customers, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Track & Measure Email Marketing

The beauty of email marketing is that is completely measurable. For many businesses, email marketing is the most cost effective and powerful channel to reach their customers. Email metrics are very accessible and transparent, and like all marketing initiatives, should be tracked to measure the outcomes of campaigns.

With email marketing analytics, you can understand who and how many users opened your email, clicked on links and took desired actions (converted, downloaded, purchased).

email statistics

of emails are opened by subscribers


of Australians check their email daily


of subscribers open emails on mobile